About MGCA

The Maple Glen Community  Association

What is the MGCA?

Mission Statement: We are a group of local business and professional and community people who share a common interest in the betterment of the Maple Glen, Upper Dublin, Dresher,  Fort Washington, Ambler,  and surrounding area.   The association is open to anyone in the community.  Our mission is to make life better for business; provide value to membership; gain community awareness and enhance a sense of community; encourage giving back to the community; and promoting what is unique about the Village of Maple Glen and surrounding area.

Primary Objectives:

  • Networking
  • Community Awareness
  • Local Fund Raising and Support
  • Community Advocacy
  • Educational programming
  • Business Development

What does the MGCA do?

MGCA host two recurring meetings each month:
Business Roundtable – the 2nd Monday of each month at 8am
Networking Lunch – the 4th Monday of each month at 1130am

A partial list of events the group has organized:

  • The Annual Maple Glen Block Party
  • Charitable giving to local groups including Everyone’s Playground in Horsham
  • A Political Forum for Local, Regional and State Level Candidates (bi=annually)
  • A 3 Day Living Longer Life Seminar featuring over 20 speakers and presentations
  • Identification banners for the community
  • Ongoing Professional Education to help enrich members life and businesses
  • Public awareness of building and development projects
  • Ongoing communication with local, state and federal officials to enhance planning of infrastructure-property development
  • Raised Public Awareness concerning the recent postal action and closing of our local Maple Glen Post Office
  • Development of relationships with members of our community
  • Safety programs for children like video documentation and fingerprint identification
  • Business Mixers Card Exchange Networking Events

Our events are designed to promoted relationships among members and improving life in our community.

How Do I get involved?

We welcome participation from everyone.  We are a flexible group with multiple interests that contribute to the betterment of life on our local area.  Everyone’s ideas are valued.  Let’s make positive things happen.  We meet as a group one time monthly, on the fourth Thursday of each month.  In addition we have committees and ‘action groups’ that facilitate our activities.  Our dues are inexpensive and structured to meet our ongoing costs only.  Membership is simply a matter of deciding to get involved.  Talk to any member about getting involved.  Dues are only $25 / year.

More Information:

For more information call Dr Steven Greene, President at 215 540 8378 or info@mapleglen.org


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